Mr. Metal Color

Mr. Metal Color
GSI Creos Corporation

Supplied by Model Design Construction at £2.50/pot (10mls)


There are many different solutions to the ‘problem’ of producing metallic finishes, and these come in different mediums such as enamels, lacquers etc. How to achieve a metallic finish pretty much depends on the individual and what he/she feels comfortable in using. One of my usual choices if Alclad lacquer. This stuff is tremendous, but it has some drawbacks. Firstly, the smell from it, despite a spray booth and mask, is still pretty strong. Secondly, it’s not that easy to seal without the finish being tarnished. I have tried painting, by brush, Vallejo metallic colours, but  I have found them too difficult to achieve a good finish with.

I am very familiar with the Gunze range of paints as a matter of due course, so when I was sent a few of their Mr. Metal Color paints to test out, from Bob at MDC, I was of course interested to see if I could achieve the finish I wanted with them. These paints are acrylic and can be sprayed neat from the jars, as advised by Bob at MDC. When it comes to cleaning your airbrush, nothing more than tap-water is necessary. I found I had to backflush my Iwata a couple of times to remove all remaining metallic pigment, but backflushing takes seconds, and clean-up was a pleasure. Yes, the raw paint does carry an odour of organic solvents, but it’s not as severe as using a metallic lacquer, and it is less noxious than enamel.

All the colours I have been sent require very little in the way of mixing in the pot, in fact, a simple shake and stir was enough, and the more metallic of the three colours, the brass and aluminium, were so fine that they looked like mercury in the bottle.


Un-thinned, I airbrushed a sample of each of these colours at 15PSI, about 1 inch from an un-primed piece of plasticard. Coating was very easy, and drying time extremely short. I left the test swatches only 5 minutes before buffing with a soft cloth. You DO get some paint come off the surface, but this is natural. What you do get though is a beautifully polished surface that you can buff until you get your desired sheen. With regards to the Dark Iron, this seems to be an ideal colour to use as ‘Gunmetal’, and indeed, I shall be using it as soon as I can on my next project. It buffs up to a greater sheen too if you persist too.

Bob informs me that you can also brush paint these too, and indeed has hand-brushed a relatively large area in Chrome and polished it up to a finish to rival your favourite metal lacquer. Indeed, Bob gives demonstrations too at shows, highlighting modelling techniques and the use of some of his product ranges, with this being one. Having seen these in action, and along with those lucky enough to have watched Bobs demos, then I certainly can’t argue.

MDC sell Mr. Metal Color in the following hues:


So what do we think?

These are every bit as easy to use as the Gunze paint I am used to, but with the added factors of them being metallic and buffable. Don’t forget, you can seal in the sheen you achieve too, with no fouling of the finish. I’ll be ordering more from this range when I place my next Gunze order. Very highly recommended.

Overall: 10/10

My sincere thanks to MDC for supplying the review samples used here. To order from this range, click on THIS link.