Lifecolor Sets update Sept 2010


Modern Italian Air Forces

Regia Aeronautica WWII - Set 1 'Fighters'

Axis Tank Interiors

Base Color Set





I don't know if any of you have ever had the opportunity to use Lifecolor paints before. I have (the wood effects set) and they are pretty impressive. It would be preferable for the reader to also view the earlier Lifecolor paints review by webmeister Jim Hatch in conjunction with this report which is really to make modellers aware of these dedicated sets. I certainly wish that one of them was available last year when I was building the Tristar 1/35 Fieseler Storch which was finished in my version of Regia Aeronautica colours!

Modern Italian Air Forces XS 07:



This box contains six plastic bottles containing 22mls of camouflage paint which can be thinned with Lifecolor Thinners or just plain water. All those rather elusive colours are there with corresponding FS references which is a great help especially for those who have colour identification problems. These are:

  • FS 34079 Dark Green
  • FS 36118 Dark Sea Grey
  • FS 33594 Desert Storm Sand
  • FS 33448 Desert Storm Sand
  • FS 36280 Sky Grey
  • FS 26329 Tornado Interiors

Regia Aeronautica WWII - Set 1 'Fighters' CS 19:



Similarly this box also contains six 22mls bottles of camouflage paint.

  • Grigio Azzuro chiaro 1
  • Nocciola 4
  • Verde Oliva scuro 2
  • Giallo Mimetico 16
  • Noccila chiaro 4 VAR
  • Verde scuro Mimetico 39

Italian aircraft fans will no doubt be very used to the 'colourful' Italian language of WWII camouflage paint colours! But for the uninitiated, you will be pleased to see that there are colour charts and Lifecolor references on the box lid.

Axis Tank Interiors CS 22:



I am not an armour fan although I have weakened over the past few months having visited that terrific armour show, 'Euro Militaire' which is held annually at Folkestone, Kent. To witness the standard of paint finishes and weathering by some of of Europe's finest modellers is a jaw dropping sight to behold. However, those who aspire to achieve similar effects will be pleased to see the release of this camouflage set with colours suitable for German and Italian WWII hardware.

Again there are six 22ml plastic bottles with the following colours:

  • RAL 3009 German Oxid Rot
  • RAL 1015 German Elfenbein
  • RAL 7009 German Graugrun
  • RAL 5012 German Lichtblau
  • RAL 2001 Italian Rosso Minio
  • Italian Bianco Avorio (No RAL number)

Base Color Set DCS 02:



This is a larger box containing 12 very useful base matt paints upon which you can build up your subtle camouflage finishes. The bottle sizes are identical to those already described in the camouflage sets and have the relevant FS references some of which are 'starred' with the illustrations on the box indicating that this general set is suitable for figures, aircraft, armour and ship modellers.

  • FS *37925 Matt white
  • FS 33591 Matt Yellow
  • FS 31302 Matt Red
  • FS 37038 Matt Black
  • FS *35056 Matt Dark Blue
  • FS 33245 Matt Tan
  • FS *30076 Matt Raw Sienna
  • FS 35044 Matt French Blue
  • FS *33275 Matt Leather
  • FS *3004 Matt Burnt Umber
  • FS *30108 Matt Brown
  • (No FS No.) Matt Dragon Green

So what do we think?
A release of some excellent sets of those elusive camouflage colours. These will complement the existing sets in the Lifecolor range and will be valuable assets to the work bench of all modellers. Well done Lifecolor. The complete range of Lifecolor paints and accessories sets may be seen on the distributor's website - and whom we thank for the review samples.

Overall: 10/10

Peter Buckingham

Many thanks to The Airbrush Company for the sample used within this review.

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