1:48 Aircraft Diorama Bases from Noy's Miniatures

1:48 Aircraft Display Tarmac/Concrete Diorama Bases
Miliscale/Noy's Miniatures
Prices/Catalogue #'s: See article for details.
Available in the UK from Hannants for £5.99 each



If you, like me, really struggle with the concept of putting together a reasonable looking base for your finished models, then Noy's Miniatures have a solution for you which you should perhaps consider. The review samples we have been sent are all in 1:48, but as we do a résumé of each item, I will detail what other scales that these bases are available in.


Noy's Miniatures have sent me a letter which describes the product and its ideal use for the modeller, along with the respective scales that these are produced in. I'll supply this information here, along with codes, and Hannants prices.

4801: 'Taxiing'. Especially suitable for F-16 and F-16I Sufa models. This print accurately represents the taxiway upon which IAF F-16's roll to and from the runway. The sample product is printed on chromo-matt cardstock, but usually offered in a matt finish. Other scales available are: 1:32, 1:72 and 1:144




4802: 'Runway 33'. This runway type is dated back to the 1970's and displays the concrete runways with asphalt taxiways, typical of Israeli Air Force (and other countries) airbases of the period. Also available in 1:72




4803: 'Running In'. This print displays the tarmac surfaces upon which the F-16's powerful engines is 'run in' while the aircraft is secured through its arrestor hook and a lever (not included) protruding from the mid-point of the black rectangle. Also available in 1:72




4804: 'HAS'. The inner surface of the F-16's Hardened Aircraft Shelter is authentically represented here. The large yellow half-circle marks the security zone of the aircraft's air intake. Available in 1:72 also.




4805: 'Vietnam'. The concrete hardstand of US aurbases, the type of which could be seen in South-East Asia during the Vietnam conflict. Also available in 1:32 and 1:72




4806: 'NATO'.A print representing the concrete taxiway and immediate vicinity of a European NATO airbase during the 1980's. The sample is printed on chromo-matt cardstock, but is sually offered in a matt finish. Also available in 1:72 and 1:144




4807: 'Soviet Hex'. Especially suitable for Soviet and Warsaw Pact aircraft Models from the 1930's up to the present day. Also available in 1:32, 1:72 and 1:144.




All of these diorama bases are printed onto a medium thickness card stock, and they are packaged into a clear plastic sleeve with a header card stapled into place, displaying the name of the actual product within. Across all sets, printing is excellent, with good colour definition and clarity. Where you have a gravel appearance, you really have to look at the base at an angle to see that it is simply printed! The finish on all of these sample bases does vary from being matte, to a slightly 'over-satin' in appearance.  The information sent with these samples states that certain items here vary in finish with regard to the actual product. Where it perhaps does not, I think you may want to finish these in perhaps a matt varnish, such as Xtracolor's XDFF enamel based product, with light misting in order not to ruin the printed surface.

In the supplied 1:48 scale, these diorama bases measure approximately 44cm x 31cm.

The intention with these bases is to either have them sitting directly onto your shelf/club display stand, or to perhaps fix them to a wooden display base. Where you have concrete slabs etc, the printed definition between slabs is excellent.

I would perhaps place these onto a rubber base, and gently use the back edge of a knife to imprint a groove into the base so that it looks like these is a furrow in between the concrete slabs. Where there is a gravel finish, I would sit this area over a very course glass-paper, and rub down onto this area in order to texture it. I really do think this would work beautifully, and will attempt to prove this when I have finished my Eduard MiG-21 which will reside on one of these beautifully printed products.

Various scuff, scorch and tread marks are faithfully produced and realistically utilised over these designs. A great deal of thought and time has gone into producing an item does look perfectly formed, straight from the packet.

So what do we think?
I like innovative products that make the modeller's life easy, and I especially like them when they are well made and 'ready to go'. Here, these diorama bases fulfil both of those personal criteria for me, and their quality and price, for me, make these a product which you should seriously consider for your own air force.

Very highly recommended.

Our sincere thanks to Noy Pines at Noy's Miniatures for the review samples used here. If you have further questions to ask about these products, email Noy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

James H.