German Infantry from Masterbox

DAK, WWII era, North Africa desert battles series
Catalogue # MB3593
Available from Master Box LTD and other good hobby retailers, for around Euro 9.50 (about GBP 8.30)



Here we have the first of three figure kit sets kindly provided by Master Box, send over to my home in Germany directly from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine! It has been an easy call to decide to do a review on this set first for my friend Rainer can´t wait to get his hands on it!

Master Box´s high-gloss end-opening cardboard box is adorned by a fantastic artwork done by A. Karashuk. This artwork really captures the bright mood of light of a North African fight scene.


Well protected within the box there is a resealable clear plastic bag containing one sprue holding 82 parts to assemble 5 figures and their equipment.



Moulding of these parts is really very good, with almost no sign of flash or imperfections. There is only a very fine seam on the parts, easily scraped away with a new blade. Details are crisp; the drape of the clothes looks very convincing. I am really impressed by the details on the K98 carbine and the spatula, finely rendered on both sides of the sprue!

The bayonets are separate from the K98 for the modeller to decide if he wants to glue them to the carbine or not. The sheath provided in this set is empty and shows some nice stitching in the leather. If you don´t want to portray the bayonet attached to the K98 carbine simply cut the handgrip off the bayonet and glue it to the sheath. Done!

The lace-up shoes of the figures look good with only some minor flash to be carefully removed. The facial expression will look very naturally once painted. As often when looking at the raw material a face is moulded in it will somehow look "strange". But as soon as this and the other parts of a figure have at least a coat of primer on them they look very convincing. Try it!

Master Box provides the heads moulded separately so one could exchange them by some aftermarket heads if this is wished. But, looking at the parts in this set, I really don´t see the need to do so. If someone had given me the sprue without the box or any indication of the maker of this set I quite certain could have mistaken this figure set with one manufactured by one of the more famous Asian brands! Very good work, Master Box!



There is not a single ejector mark on any of the parts in the set! Master Box cleverly positioned the ejector pins close to the parts on the runners of the sprue. A thoughtful move! No need to putty and sand such marks on the figures parts!

There are no numbers on the plastic parts; these are given on the backside of the box together with an assembly and painting guide in colour. Each figure is shown from front and back as a build-up figure to ease assembly and painting. Nice! Colour information refers to Vallejo colours, well in vogue these days with figure painters.


So what do we think?
I have to confess I am untalented painting figures. I know people how are very talented, one of them always gets my figures to do. But I know it when I see a well done figure kit. I see the fine crafted details and if this looks like (in my humble view) a simple or a high quality workmanship.
Master Box is to be applauded for producing such a high quality figure set that has impressed me. To me, looking at this set, this Ukrainian manufacturer is on par with most of the better known Asian manufacturers. I really see forward to see these beautiful figures assembled and painted on my friend Rainer´s new diorama!


Highly recommended

To give those brave Landsers some matching opponents one could combine them with other Master Box kits such as MB3580 "British Infantry in action, Northern Africa, WW II era" or MB3592 British and German Infantry "Hand-to-hand fight; Battles in Northern Africa".

Many thanks to the great people at Master Box LTD for the review sample!

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Thomas Mayer