Paasche Talon TG-3F ‘3 in 1’ Airbrush Set

Paasche Talon TG-3F ‘3 in 1’ Airbrush Set
Paasche Airbrush Company

Catalogue # TG-3F
Price: £156.50 from and $178.00USD from Paasche


Like Peter before me, who reviewed the single action airbrush very recently, Paasche is an unknown quantity to me. Many modellers I see on various forums swear by their Paasche airbrushes, and in particular, the Talon. I’ve always been curious to see how these measure up against the Iwata.

The TG-3F set of the Talon airbrush incorporates parts to change this airbrush into anyone of three combinations. These are 0.25mm, 0.38mm and 0.66mm configurations which should pretty much satisfy most modellers requirements from fine work to larger surface coverage on some of the larger models that we indulge ourselves with.

The set itself is presented in a rigid card box with moulded inserts to hold the various parts. The tips and head caps are supplied in sealed plastic bags, as are the tools and airbrush holder. The needles are neatly packed into a slot, and each is protected with a tubing sleeve over the end. Apart from the obvious inclusion of the talon, this set also includes a braided air hose. I almost forgot to mention that this set does include an added extra, and that is a 0.66mm Fan Aircap. This addition is to be used with the 0.66mm tip and needle and provides a solution for quicker coverage of larger areas, which is a great addition if you like 1/24 aircraft, and those models with single-colour schemes.

My only disappointment at this stage is the box which seems to undersell what appears to be a pretty neat and attractive set.

Let’s take a closer look at the airbrush itself.

Paasches engineering isn’t Iwata standard, but is still of a very, very high build quality, with just the odd roughly finished edge, like the trigger slot. With an overall chrome-plate finish, an eagle motif is etched into the side of the colour cup, with the brand and name of the airbrush etched onto the main body. The anodizing is also very good, with the odd scratch and scuff. Still, this won’t detract from the performance, so now that is mentioned, we’ll move on. The airbrush has its large 4oz colour cup is sat directly over the main body, and in the hand, the Talon feels ‘correct’ to me in both balance and handling. The trigger is very smooth and the action in both air and paint introduction movements is flawless. I don’t feel that there is anything unusual that I would need to master in general handling here.  An anodized aluminium lid is provided for the colour cup also.


I feel it’s time to strip this airbrush down and check out the individual components and build.

The Talon can be stripped down very quickly, with its assembly being quite conventional. The rear of the airbrush is anodized aluminium and contains a cutaway, along with a pre-set needle stop with matching notches for you to tune and re-visit certain paint flow settings.

Stripping down further, you’ll find that slackening the knurled nut, drawing out the needle, and unscrewing the main body rear internal assembly will free up the trigger assembly which can be removed through the rear body. You’ll notice at this point that the needle itself has two grooves engraved around the rear circumference. You’ll also notice the tip and aircap have two slots and two grooves respectively. These identify these items as belonging to the same group of parts needed to adapt this airbrush to the 0.38mm setting. If you now check the other parts in the poly bags, you will see the same identification, namely one slot/groove parts for the 0.25mm adaptation, and three slots/grooves for the 0.65mm adaptaion. This is a very clever and simple system to identify your parts and one I like very much.

The nozzle itself is removed by the means of a spanner/wrench. Please note that the Talon is sealed by the means of a series of rubber ‘O’ rings, so please be careful with your choice of airbrush cleaner. Certainly don’t prolong them to strong solvents for any period of time, and remember to let any resultant swelling of them down before you reassemble for another spraying session.

Time to chuck some paint through this!

Using my regular Gunze paint, thinned 50% with Mr Thinner, the Talon had no trouble spraying this mixture, using all three needle size combinations. I spray at between 15PSI to 20PSI for most tasks, and the Talon performed no differently to my Iwata HP-CH and HP-C Plus airbrushes, and also the H&S Infinity. No spattering indicating a thinner mixture was experienced. Removing the crown cap with the 0.25mm needle does produce a nice thin line at around 15PSI. General handling is positive and the Talon feels natural to use.

Drawing the airbrush from the paint surface a little and opening the throttle achieved a good, steady and even covering experience with all combinations and needles, but unless you are working on smaller models, I would at least recommend using the default 0.38mm needle for general larger coverage.

I played with a little mottling also, using the two smaller needle sizes and again, this was as easy to achieve with the Talon as it is with my regular Iwata models.

I decided to have a go with the fan cap too, so set the airbrush to the 0.66mm needle and nozzle etc, and set my compressor to the requisite 20PSI. This is VERY good, and does have a significant performance improvement for general large surface coverage than the regular crown cap. Just don’t be tempted to use this part for anything else than large surface areas though! It won’t work as well.


So what do we think?

I can happily see this airbrush sit alongside my regulars and being used for similar tasks. There is no mental conversion needed to switch from an Iwata to the Paasche, with everything being a delight, from doing fine work, to stripping and cleaning. The Talon is a very confident product which is capable of just about anything you want to throw at it, and it’s easy to see why this airbrush has so many legions of loyal users who create some wonderful work. For the price, when you consider that this is a 3-in-1 set, this is superb value for money, and I rate this product very highly.

Overall: 9/10

My sincere thanks to the good folks at Paasche for the review sample used here. To purchase this and other Paasche products, click HERE, or on the banner below.