Scale Model Addict Magazine #3

Scale Model Addict Magazine #3
Softback magazine.
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Scale Model Addict is a relatively new magazine competing against some big hitters in an already well-established market.
This is only their third issue and fortunately for me I have been reviewing their progress for Scale Plastic and Rail right from the very start, indeed you can find my conclusions on issues one and two by following the links at the foot of this page.


First Impressions.
If you are going to compete in a market that is fighting hard for you attention and more importantly for your custom then the first thing you need to do is get yourself noticed.

The front cover of a magazine has to be bright, bold and easily distinguishable among the others, it needs to grab your attention immediately and keep your eye. Scale Model Addict does this very well indeed, its hard hitting and full of instant impact.

But does it offer more still? How about offering the magazine in digital format and how about having a dedicated online forum to coexist with the magazine? Sounds good eh? Let's take a closer look at the contents of issue #3 and see if the team have been keeping up their good work.......


The Contents.

Tales from the Man Cave. (Ken Abrams)



As well as being the Editor of the magazine Ken happily submits his own creative and inspired work for us to enjoy. On this occasion he takes a look at the Rat Rod genre that has become hugely popular of late and builds a rather splendid looking model of his own.
His chosen base model for this chopping and customizing project is the 1/25 scale Revell Peterbilt 359. Ken guides us through the concept, scratch building, customizing, painting and weathering and finally the finished model in glorious full colour.

UAZ 452. (Lukasz Orczyc-Musialek)


Lukasz enjoys modelling AFVs and figures on this occasion choosing to turn his attention to the UAZ 452 available from BILEK kit No 988.

Based on the ZNG (Croatian National Guard) vehicle and given the name 'Terminator' by the Croatian Army the article takes us through the entire build, painting and weathering stages to give a truly dynamic end result. Even if you never build this particular vehicle there are some great tips and ideas that could easily be adapted to many other model builds.

Russian Stalinetz S-65 Tractor. (John Tolcher)


This article had me drawling the moment I knew it was to be included. I have wanted to add this particular Trumpeter kit to my stash for some time. John not only uses the Trumpeter kit but also includes the very impressive looking LZ Models upgrade set so I was even more excited to find out just what the article would hold.
Let's just say I was not disappointed, covering six pages and including some great photos the article more than delivers with some excellent techniques that would not only serve you well in this project but many others too. The magazine is worth the cover price for this one article alone.

How to Detail Paint US Parkerized Machine Guns. (John Hale)


Parkerizing is a chemical process that gives metal a flat porous surface to hold oil and thus prevent corrosion, it was a technique used in American weapons factories during WW2.
In this article John shows us his own unique way of representing that finish in an authentic style of painting and weathering. The results are wonderful giving that extra quality finish to any WW2 weaponry you may be using in your builds.

Continuum Olde School Part Deux. (Ken Abrams)


Ken picks up where he left off in issue two looking back at some of the 'Old School' methods used by himself and many other mainstream modellers from years gone by. Can these methods and techniques still hold their own in a hobby that never seems to stay static for very long?
A fascinating read that will ring true for many out there who have perhaps forgotten some of these tried and tested ways. I think the results will speak for themselves and show some of these methods still very much have a place in this ever changing hobby.

Rally Rage. (Ken Abrams)


Most modellers at some point in the hobby will reach a plateau they cannot rise above. Often one of the best ways to deal with this situation is to have a break from the normal and change genre.
That's exactly what Ken does when he builds this classic rally car kit from Itelari. Not only does this refresh your appetite but in many cases it also teaches you a whole new skill set.
An article that will ring true with many of us I really enjoyed the read and I have to say the end result is really very pleasing. I'm sure many modellers will be encouraged by the fact that it's ok to leave your comfort zone and try something completely different having read this article.

Walking Death. (Bryan Kreuger)


Sci-Fi modelling seems to be very much on the increase in popularity again at this time, certainly from shows I have visited I have noticed an increase of those on display and those being sold. In this article Bryan uses a limited run release from Japanese kit maker 'Rainbow Egg' as the basis for his interpretation of the Konigs-Krote, an automated unmanned combat walker.

Of course the joy of such a subject means you can let your imagination and skills run wild and have a whole load of fun at the same time. While again it might seem this article would not interest you unless you were a Sci-Fi modeller nothing could be further from the truth. Many of the methods used in the creation are taken from or can be applied to many other genre of modelling. Excellent reading with great photography, well worth the read.

From the Ground Up.


One of the regular features of the magazine since the start has been 'From the Ground Up'. In the series that is a dedicated to the art of ground work and scenery (a subject that I must say scares the hell out of me) we have seen a model display base take shape from the very start to the finish in this latest issue. Packed full of really useful information that will hopefully get people like myself confident enough to maybe have a go at this skill that often enhances our finished models.

Tank Killer Crossing. (Jose Luis Lopez Ruiz)


In this brilliantly entitled 6 page feast of modelling excellence Jose takes us through a wonderful masterpiece that includes one of his favourite AFV's namely the Jagdpanther in 1/48 scale. As if the construction and finishing of the Jagdpanther in such superlative style were not enough we also have the added bonus of Jose bringing to life a highly detailed Verlinden Productions diorama base.

Come the end of the article we are treated to a truly amazing combination of model and base that suit each other perfectly, all combined using the awesome skills of the modeller....fantastic.

Dirty Widow. (Kamil Feliks Sztarbala)


Great Wall Hobby's 1/48 scale P-61A Black Widow was met with open arms and rave reviews upon its release and it is this kit that becomes the subject of Kamil's awesome looking model in this featured build.

Again 6 pages are dedicated to the article giving the author plenty of room for a well written and well photographed piece of work. Kamil shares with us through the entire concept some great tips and tricks that help set this model apart in the quality area. Nice subject and equally great example of setting your standards high.

The War Room. (John Simmons)


It has to be said this section is my least favourite regular feature and one I could honestly live without. It covers small scales and wargaming miniatures. Neither of these subjects hold any particular interest to me but of course that is just my own personal opinion. I'm confident the team at SMA act accordingly on customer feedback and as such if this section proves unpopular with the readers it will go, time will tell I guess. All of that said John covers a well written piece and his passion for that genre shines through over the double page feature.

Coming Up...Issue #4


Wow, this is great, I like this idea, it builds up the anticipation brilliantly, no sooner are we done with issue 3 and we get to see an insight as to what's in store for issue 4....and boy does it look good.
It's actually a special edition issue that will look exclusively at dioramas and vignettes.....count me in, can't wait. Keep watching this space for the review just as soon as we get our copy!

As mentioned earlier I have been reviewing this magazine since its conception and with this in mind I think it would be fair to say I now have a reasonably good insight as to how things have progressed and how I see the future for Scale Model Addict.

All the evidence I have seen thus far would indicate the future is very bright for the team at SMA. They have settled into a nicely thought out routine and have a great team of experienced contributors helping to create a friendly, informative, structured and diverse scale modelling magazine that I for one very much look forward to with each new release.

They continue to supply well written quality articles that offer a really excellent choice of subject and as you can see from the contents list the pages are crammed full of interesting articles and features without the need for too much in the way of advertising space eating into the pages.

I would say on this basis it offers excellent value for money in either the paper of digital format, and I have no hesitation in raising its status from 'Highly Recommended' to........

Very Highly Recommended.

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With sincere thanks to Scale Model Addict for this review sample. To purchase directly please use this link.

Martin Philpott.