1/32 German 5 Colour Upper and Lower Lozenge Decals (Update) from Wingnut Wings


Wingnut Wings
Catalogue Numbers # 30001 and 30002
Available direct from Wingnut Wings for $12.50/set (around £8.00)


Earlier this year, I reviewed the 1/32 5-colour upper and lower lozenge decals from Wingnut Wings on the site, along with their rib tape decals. I was extremely impressed with them as an aftermarket item, having good colour, density and thickness on the sheet.

Now, as an update, I can report on their performance when actually used on a model, in this case a Roden 1/32 Siemens-Schuckert D.III, portrayed in the markings of an aircraft flown by the ace Ernst Udet (below).



As can be seen from the finished model, the decals really look the part; they proved easy to handle, released from the backing sheet without any problem (though I found they released more quickly if the water was mildly tepid rather than stone cold) and reacted extremely well to the decal solutions that were used (which in this case were the Gunze Sangyo solutions Mr Mark Setter and Mr Mark Softer).


Decal over decal adherence and conformity for both WNW wings decals and Roden kit decals placed over WNW decals, as can be seen in the photo above, was first rate, with no signs of silvering. The SS D.III in question had rib tapes cut from 5-colour lozenge fabric, so these were made by cutting up strips of WNW decals and these were applied over the bolts of decals already in place. The decals also accepted washes and staining perfectly well once varnished, as can be seen in the photo below – note the edge and hinge area of the aileron.



A close-up (above) shows the almost textured finish to the lozenge decals once in place. The same success was achieved with the lower lozenge decals (below)



and a similar close-up (above) shows the way that the trailing edge accepted light weathering without any problems.

One point needs to be commented on; the colours of the decals looked really good on the sheet, but once applied to the model they appeared slightly too intense; it is probably just personal interpretation of the scale effect. Therefore, the finished decals (both upper and lower surfaces) were given a light overspray of Tamiya Smoke, tinted very, very slightly with a brownish tone, just to bring the colour down slightly, which I think has worked really well.

So What Do We Think?

Excellent decal sets that are definitely the best on the market in this scale. The final toning down of the colour of the lozenges was a personal choice and should not in any way be seen as a weakness in the execution of the decals. They will enhance any appropriate German 1/32nd scale WW1 aircraft wonderfully well. Good value for money is also given at the current price.

The best decals of their type available today

Robin Jenkins.