1:32 MG-15 from MDC

1:32 MG-15
Catalogue # Unknown
Available from MDC. Contact them about availability.



The MG-15 machine gun was commonplace on many Luftwaffe aircraft, such as the Junkers Ju 88, Heinkel He 111, Junkers Ju 52 and Dornier Do 17, to name but a few. Of course, we don't have 1:32 models of all these specific aircraft (at the moment!), but we do of course have the excellent Revell Ju 88 and He 111 kits. The MG's in these kits are pretty ropey, and I've heard that the ones within the He 111 kit are partially undersize.


On the heels of MDC's previous release of the MK 108 cannon, is this new set which supplies a single MG-15 machine gun. This set is designed using a rapid prototyping system, meaning far more intricate and correct detail as opposed to manually having to make a 'master' from which to cast.

Three parts are cast onto a single block on light grey resin. The parts are the main gun body, barrel and a saddle drum. The parts will be easy to remove from this casting block, but  you will need to ensure that you trim all of the resin from the attachment point to the gun from within the saddle drum. A few fine 'hairs' of resin will need to dusted off with a fine grade sanding sponge. Assembly should be a breeze too. I think my set is one of the first to be made, as the packet comes with no instructions, price or product code. No reticule is supplied with my sample. This would need to be an etch part. If none are given with this release, then you'll either need to made them, or source them separately.



As far as I know, the MG-15 sets comprise one gun each, meaning you can buy the exact number you need for your project, and not waste money with multipacks.

So what do we think?
This is a very interesting little release, and is showing great promise for MDC's new range of rapid-prototype products. It's a neat little set with some nice detail, and perhaps you should consider a few for that Revell He 111 that you recently bought, but has been staring at you since Christmas!


Our sincere thanks to MDC for the review sample used here. If you have an interest in this product, contact MDC via THIS link.

James H