Elastic Rigging Thread from Uschi van der Rosten

Elastic Rigging Thread
Uschi van der Rosten
Catalogue # UvdR-3
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Back in the 'bad old days' when World War 1 aircraft kits were barely worth rigging, the subject of suitable rigging cord never really cropped up. I remember rigging 1:72 kits with fishing line or fusewire, fixing with superglue, then painting the rigging black. Doubtless, that's how many modellers of my generation did this. Other material has been used over the last years, including everything from steel wire to nylon etc.

With the advent of Roden WW1 models and then the superb Wingnut Wings kits, modellers have striven to find the most suitable material for rigging their projects, and one company that has realised this, has now made their rigging cord easily available to modellers throughout the world.

Uschi van der Rosten are a German company, and not new to SP&R. We recently reviewed both their excellent Wood Grain Decal, and the Fichtenfoo Fish-Shaped Submersible. Uschi's rigging cord comes in a 100 foot length, on a black spool. Adorned with the Uschi logo, the cord has a spot sticker to stop the product unravelling.


The cord, which is extremely elastic and takes some serious tugging to make it snap, appears to be round in section, and also reacts well with C.A. glue, with Loctite and Zap being my preferred brands. It also cuts cleanly with a fresh craft blade. For rigging biplanes, you should be able to trim this 10mm or so undersize, then stretch to attach to your rigging point/turnbuckle.

Of course, I've only mentioned biplanes here, but I think it's worth considering this cord for aerials and suchlike for more 'modern' aircraft, and the Uschi site also suggests using it for 1:72 submarine antennae lines.


So what do we think?
With me yet to rig a WW1 aircraft (apart from the ones when I was young), I know I'll certainly use this when the time comes. This rigging cord won't give much structural integrity to your model, so perhaps you might need to check the tensioning as you go if you are building the 1:32 WNW Gotha! This cord looks easy to use and should be perfect for the die-hard Great War modeller and novices alike.

Highly recommended.

Our sincere thanks to Uschi van der Rosten for the review sample used here. To purchase directly, click THIS link.

James H

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