1:48 MiG-27 Flogger D Interior S.A. from Eduard

1:48 MiG-27 Flogger D Interior S.A.
Catalogue # 49560
Available from Eduard for €18,75



The Italeri MiG-27 Flogger D has been around for a few years now, but is still highly regarded. Eduard has recently released this interior detail set to spruce up the basic kit, with self-adhesive parts, hence its S.A. suffix. The Eduard set is comprised of one self-adhesive fret of parts, one regular fret and a very small clear acetate sheet with 2 reflector sites (a nice touch if you're like me and have butter fingers and will invariably mess the first one up). The self-adhesive fret for the interior is very comprehensive, containing around 50 parts, and includes an instrument panel which is split into two parts; one being just the instruments on a black background, and the other being the console face with some very finely reproduced buttons, dials and switches printed in full colour also.

SAM 1451

The side consoles are faithfully reproduced containing detail that to the naked eye looks very good and with solid colour reproduction. To these side consoles a further 11 very fine P.E parts are attached. It's this level of detail that really stands out and never ceases to amaze me in this scale and no one dies this like Eduard!

The instructions suggest that you recreate the throttle lever with a 1mm x 2mm piece of stretch sprue, which shouldn't pose too much of a problem. It would be nice for the styrene rod to be included with these releases though. The gun sight and instrument combing are made up of a total of 9 parts, not including the clear acetate reflector site. The instruction steps here are very clear and concise with any surgery to the host parts being illustrated in red ink.


Rudder pedals are accurately reproduced, although to me, they look a little on the small side. Having never seen a MiG-27 cockpit, except in my reference books, I could be wrong her. An addition I really like are the canopy rails consisting of 5 finely etched parts that certainly neaten up those bare plastic edges. Finally we come to my favourite parts of this set; the rear view mirrors. These look great and appear to be in accurate with my references. I would perhaps suggest a repaint of the mirror face, or perhaps even using foil to get that mirror look.

SAM 1456

Also included in the package are parts to create the actual cockpit tub. The basis of this consists of 2 large unpainted parts that have to be carefully bent to represent this critical area. Once this is done the smaller various sub-assemblies of colour etch metal can be applied. The only host kit parts you will need are the control yoke and the ejection seat. What poses a possible problem here is matching up the pre-painted side console and instrument panel with the colour you choose to paint the main cockpit tub A good match for the Eduard ink is a 50:50 mix of Mr Hobby Aqueous H25 Sky Blue and H46 Emerald Green.  I have seen the kit ejection seat and to say it is basic is an under-statement. What Eduard has done here is add a whopping 28+ parts. Including a full seat harness, ejection grab handles, and seat cushion. It does however involve removing the ejection seat back rest, and inserting a provided spacer to raise it to its correct and scale height.

So what do we think?
There's a lot of etch in this set, giving a very realistic finish to the cockpit instrumentation, and ejection seat. I particularly like the fact you have to build the cockpit tub, making the whole package somewhat independent of kit parts (bar those mentioned). As usual with Eduard's offerings, the bending is kept to a minimum, and instructions point out every step of the process. There's nothing here that can't be achieved by the average modeller, and for the price, the two frets of metal this set supplies, represents excellent value for money, with some great detail to boot!

Highly recommended

Our sincere thanks to Eduard for the review sample. To purchase directly, click THIS link.

Nick Gyte