1:48 MiG-21BIS 'BRASSIN' Interior from Eduard

1:48 MiG-21BIS Interior
'BRASSIN' edition
Catalogue # 648050
Available from Eduard for 25,95€



The 1:48 BIS is Eduard's latest incarnation in its range of MiG-21 kits, and we reviewed this only back in January, so this model is still very fresh in my mind. Find our review HERE. As with the previous MiG-21 versions, Eduard have now released their MiG-21 Interior set under their 'BRASSIN' brand label.


The MiG-21BIS Interior set comes in Eduard's familiar satin-finish top opening box, with the product identification label at the lower end. Inside the box, SIX zip-lock bags nestle amongst  protective foam pads, and the instruction sheets sit in the upper box area. Five of the six zip-lock bags contain resin parts, thoughtfully organised and separated so that there is as little chance of any parts being broken. The last bag contains TWO photo etch frets, with one of these being printed in fully colour, and also a small sheet of die cut masks.


In total, THIRTY resin parts comprise this set, being cast out of a combination of light grey and dark grey resin. A clear resin gun sight reflector is also included. Some parts within this set are also classed as 'Free Bonus' items, and these are a resin pilots helmet, individual resin ear protectors for inside the helmet, and also a maintenance seat which you can use if you decide to leave the amazing resin pilots seat as a display item in itself.


The largest chunk of resin is the light grey cockpit tub, which has a casting block on the underside. As I'm currently building the MiG-21SMT with the respective cockpit, I can tell you that this is easy to remove with a razor saw. Looking at this part, in relation to the SMT resin cockpit tub, I can see no differences in any equipment layout. My initial inspection shows only a few minor changes between the new BIS cockpit and the SMY one I am currently building. These differences lie with the colour photo etch fret, but of course, if there is any other difference, I am happy for someone to tell me so I can accurately amend this review.



This interior set also has three different ways to produce the instrument panel, depending on either your own skill level, or simply what you consider to look the best option. These options are:

  • Resin base and 2 layer photo-etch instrument panel.
  • Resin base with 1 layer photo-etch (instruments layer) and resin upper detail fascia
  • Resin base with resin fascias (instrument detail pre-cast)

The overall quality of detail throughout this set is exemplary, and it almost seems criminal not to use those amazing resin instrument panel parts, but the coloured photo etch is truly superb also. Mmmm, decisions, decisions. Here is an image of the instrument panel that I built for my MiG-21SMT. The instrument panel and console areas also have a number of coloured photo etch levers, and the sidewalls have a number of colour photo etch placards too.  I'm sure you'll agree that Eduard really did a superb job with this set.


Of course, you'll need to match the colour of the Eduard consoles and instrument panel for the cockpit to look correct. There really is no secret to how to achieve this. I used a 50:50 mix of Gunze H25 Sky Blue and H46 Emerald Green. Please take a look at my SMT build on SP&R Forums for further information. The cockpit tub itself has various pips and switches standing proud from the surface. Once these are painted, the coloured photo etch parts sit over them, just allowing these switches etc to protrude through them. The finished effect will look superb.



The rear cockpit bulkhead is also a work of art, complete with avionics unites, plumbing, wiring and various connectors. I thought the plastic part looked acceptable until I saw this. A wash and some dry brushing will bring out detail here that probably never realised was there. If you choose to close your canopy over all of this detail, then you must be certifiable!

Eduard have thoughtfully supplied two identical casting blocks of the smaller parts, just in case you have a 'modeller's moment' and lose one to the carpet. They know us too well.


A multipart resin and photo etch gun sight is included, incorporating the clear resin reflector. The clarity of this part is every bit as good as an injection moulded plastic part. The forward cockpit area, situated under the front windscreen, is also included. There will be pretty much no plastic areas left to see when this set is in situ.

The ejector seat is a mini-kit in its own right. Comprising almost 20 parts of both resin and photo etch. The detail here has to be seen to be believed. The patchwork of pipes and other detail behind the seat won't be seen when the seat is finally installed, so perhaps you can now understand why Eduard have given a maintenance seat to install so that you may display the pilots seat next to the model itself. For effect, a bonus pilots helmet is also included. That will look good sat on that seat cushion. The seatbelts themselves, and various other parts, are assembled from coloured photo etch metal.


All resin casting is high quality, with no flaws to be found, and casting blocks which will be easy to remove with the correct tools.

The coloured photo etch fret contains all of those cockpit switch banks and panels, seatbelt parts and placards, as well as a little metalwork to grace the interior of the canopy parts to accompany some extra resin in those areas too. The colour printing of this fret is excellent, and it's only when you look at macro shot photographs that you can see any pixilation. With the naked eye, all looks very good.

A second, bare metal fret contains various strips which ring around the open canopy and canopy seating area of the fuselage. Both metal frets are cleanly and crisply etched.



A small die cut mask sheet is supplied for you to mask off the clear resin gun sight reflector. An extra part is supplied here in case you ruin one.

The instructions are supplied over three A5 size pieces of folded paper. The instructions are clearly drawn, but you will have to experiment with part placement in some areas. Some surgery will need to be performed on the base kit in order to fit this set, but this work is minimal. The plastic cockpit/forward wheel well floor needs to be bisected and the resin tub grafted into place. A very small plastic lip also needs to be removed from within each cockpit wall. This took me about 10 minutes to perform with a modellers chisel.

Unfortunately, no reference is made to painting, and you'll need to check your own references to ensure you use the correct colours.

So what do we think?
I already said with the previous interior review that this set seems a little extravagant if you are working with the ProfiPACK edition kit, due to their being some wonderful photo etch in there already. Of course, you don't have that seat though, but could buy that itself from Eduard and use that instead. I would perhaps pitch this kit at the modeller who has saved some money and opted to buy the Weekend Edition of the BIS kit. Whichever way you decide to go, you won't be at all disappointed with this release.

Very highly recommended.

Our sincere thanks to Eduard for the review sample used here. To purchase directly, click THIS link.

James H

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