1:48 AIM-7E Sparrow from Eduard Brassin

1:48 AIM-7E Sparrow
Eduard Brassin
Catalogue # 648062
Available from Eduard for 9,95 €



The AIM-7 Sparrow is a medium range, semi-active radar homing, air to air missile which was introduced in its first incarnation in the late 1950's. Operated by a good number of air forces, such as Japan, Canada, Saudi Arabia, to name but a few, the Sparrow is also licence built by a number of countries who have their own programme of improvement with this weapons system. The Sparrow itself is now nearing the end of its operational life with a number of major uses, such as eye USA, who are phasing this out in favour of their AIM-120 AMRAAM missile. The 7E version of this weapon was highly used, with limited success, during the Vietnam War, before having its fusing system modified, to name but one change.

The Eduard Brassin set, presented in Eduard's familiar Brassin blister package, contains four such missiles, cast individually in dark grey resin. The tail and fin of the missile is attached to a small casting block by means of a perforated web and a narrow diameter centre connection. This is designed to make these easy to remove, but I still recommend a razor saw to complete this operation.




Missile detail is excellent, with subtle rivet, vane, and fusing point. The tail fins are delicate, featuring an angles airfoil section. The guidance vanes are located to the missile body my means of four clean holes.

The guidance vanes themselves are cast, two per block, in dark grey resin also. The connecting edge of these is what Eduard have used to joint to the casting blocks, with the locating pin being clearly formed. Again, a perforated resin web connects these to the casting block, and removal will be a cinch. Eight casting blocks contain the guidance fins.


Resin casting is excellent, although one or two of mine have got a degree or so of bend, presumably from being packaged behind the protective foam insert. A quick dip in hot water will fix this though, so don't be alarmed if yours experience a little drift.

A small photo etch fret contains the four rocket exhaust faces. Perfectly etched as we have come to expect, there are no spares, do please be careful.

The instructions are quite simple but contain no paint guides. You will need to check with your own aircraft type as to whether any stencils were applied, as none are in this set.



So what do we think?
Eduard are making quite a name for themselves with their weapons sets in the Brassin range, and we thoroughly enjoy reviewing them. This is a simple to build set that should look excellent slung below your Phantom's wings. Again, price is another contributing factor, and I feel these are pitched correctly.

Highly recommended

James H

Our sincere thanks to Eduard for the review sample used here. To purchase this directly, click THIS link.

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