Osprey Modelling 41



Osprey Publishing: Modelling 41

Modelling Scale Aircraft


Released: 2008

Colour Photographs

80 pages

ISBN: 9781846032370

Brett Green

US $19.95/ UK £13.99 / Can $22.95






This is a book from 2008 – but I thought it warranted a look at. It is one that we have requested to review as it is a very important title for any modeller to read. It is Osprey Publishing Modelling 44: Modelling Scale Aircraft – By Brett Green. This is a 80 page B5 format book.


Suitable for the novice and the intermediate modeller – this book can teach you some valuable lessions on modelling  - especially if you are new or returning to the hobby like a lot of the people who will but this book. Modelling Technology and techniques has really taken off in the last fifteen years or so and Brett covers it all in here, from tools to preparation, building, sanding ,painting and weathering. Everything is covered here so it’s a great little recap,reference or starter book.





Brett starts off by going through the tools you can use to make and perfect your masterpiece – and gee they have changed since all I had were my dad's pliers and a Stanley knife , if I was lucky I had modelling glue and gloss paints I could find from dad's garage. Punch and die kits, Milliput, special glues and tapes, sprue cutters and tools designed for modelling are a world away from many people's first tools. Brett goes through what he uses primarily and so it can be a little hard to try and emulate his toolbox, but he does give you some pointers as to where to get some of it. The only part I don’t like about this book is the championing of a few certain interest that he has and the sticking to certain products like squadron signal, Testors and a few others which are good on their own, but not everyone has access to these and maybe a few different approaches should be taken. If that’s the worst that I have to say – well there is nothing bad to be said really!




The benefits of good research are pointed out, where to find it and how to get the right kind of knowledge. The most important bit of making a new kit is explained as well - Choosing the right kit! Airshows and the Internet are also discussed as potential sources of inspiration and reference.

Brett takes you through making a model, from making the first cut of the sprue, through to the gluing of the fuselage and the choice of the right glues to use for different parts of the kit, such as a two part glue to use when more time is needed to secure and fit parts properly, to clear glue for canopies, to superglue for a quick fix and to fill small gaps. A picture essay with comments imbedded takes you through a few different kits and their various construction peculiarities, which is helpful as not everyone out there builds just single engine fighters!

Resin and Photo etched parts are highlighted and examined, along with tips on the best way to avoid the pitfalls and how to make the best out of their positive attributes. Scratchbuilding is also examined, the lengths Brett goes to build such small parts for some of the kits he makes is truly inspiring. The details you can make with just some wires and plastic strip shown here are shown to be very attainable to the average modeller.


Definitely not a "fill in" (sorry) the next section shows the very important part of using different fillers and putties to correct the air gaps in kits that some manufacturers call a flush fit! This can make a bad kit and break a good kit if done wrong, and Mr. Green goes through sanding techniques and tools, as well as restoring the detail lost to excess sanding (which CAN happen – honest!!)

Painting and masking the aircraft and applying markings are discussed next. The different types of paints, acrylics, enamels and lacquers are described as are their pros and cons, this paragraph can't come quick enough to some modellers, as the differences of these paint types are a bit of a mystery and can cause some confusion. Indeed several cannot be used together and here you can gain some knowledge on why when and how to use model paints effectively. Paint brushes and airbrushes are discussed, as are the sources of air for the airbrushes and techniques which are quickly gone over here. How to achieve a realistic high standard detail with markings are shown through more excellent picture essays.

The last part of the book goes through the most important part of finishing and that is the weathering of the aircraft – or how to ruin your model in some peoples case – Well Brett shows you how to ENHANCE your finish with just the right amount of weathering here. Finishing techniques and clear parts are briefly discussed here as well as a small part on displaying your proud new baby!




So what do we think?

A great little book for beginners with a large part that would cross over into an average part of a modellers interest. This book will leave the "Experten" (whoever they are) a bit wanting more – but that’s what the Osprey "Mascterclass " books are for.


Another in the great modelling series - now i have read my copy i am going to give it to my mates son who is a starting modeller - I believe well soon see his skills take off!



Overall 8.5/10

Adam Norenberg


Many thanks the great people at Osprey for the review sample.