Caudron CR.714 reference book with 1/32 scale decals - Morane MS.406 – Curtis Hawk H75A

Caudron CR.714 reference book with 1/32 scale decals -  Morane MS.406 – Curtis Hawk H75A

ISBN: 978-8361421221
Bartolomiej Belcarz and Teodor Liviu Morosanu
Available from MMP Books for £12.99


Fancy something a little out of the ordinary in 1/32? Well Bartolomiej and Teodor certainly think you ought to, and it is not such a bad idea either as they have produced a stunningly presented reference book which has a sheet of 1/32 decals to accompany the aircraft illustrated:

  • Caudron CR.714 “Cyclone” No.52 (c/n 8584, 1-242) –G/C “Varsovie”
  • Morane Saulnier  MS.406 No 907 (L-936) – DIAP Lyon Bron
  • Curtis Hawk H75A-2 No.125 (U-025) – GC 1/5






Also accompanying the book was a full colour ‘flyer’ depicting CMK Kits box art illustrations of the three aircraft featured, so whatever type takes your fancy, a 1/32 kit awaits your purchase and you can reproduce a type (or types) that is (are) depicted in the book. That Caudron looks nice!


Measuring  33.5cms x 23.5cms (landscape), this is a large and  glossy paperback with just 16 internal pages, but what beautiful pages they are. Teodor Liviu Morosanu is the artist and he has produced some exquisite aircraft art in full colour to accompany the black and white wartime photographs. Each art illustration is accompanied by the relevant FS number colour call outs which is very helpful.






The ‘chapters’ on each type are headed;

Markings – Construction Number – Military Serial – Unit Codes – Matricule Militaire – Pilot and his mount.

There is useful reference material for the modeller under each heading.


An A4 sized decal sheet, protected by a self sealing clear plastic envelope contains markings for the  three aircraft and has been printed by Techmod. A magnifying glass examination reveals perfect register with clean and crisp lettering even on the smallest typefaces.





So what do we think?

I liked this book and the accompanying decal sheet. Having just returned from the Telford  IPMS Scale Model World, I cannot recall seeing any of the above aircraft on display, so, as I said in the opening sentence, if you fancy something a little out of the ordinary, then this is a must buy publication. Well done MMP books.


Overall: 9/10


Our thanks to Mushroom Model Publications for the review sample used here. To buy this item directly, click HERE.





Peter Buckingham