1/72 Detail Sets for the BAe Harrier GR.9 from Pavla

1/72 Detail Sets for the BAe Harrier GR.9
Catalogue #'s C72105, U72-131 and U72-132
Available in the UK from Hannants for £7.99, £3.20 and £2.30 respectively


In the middle of last year, Airfix released a 1/72nd scale kit of the BAe Harrier GR.7A/GR.9A that moved the goalposts for kits of this famous aircraft in this particular scale. When I reviewed it, I could not hide my pleasure at the standard that Airfix had achieved, something they have maintained with several other 1/72 releases since. Good sales of the kit have followed and it has now become recognised generally as the best 1/72 Harrier kit in today's marketplace (below).



Nonetheless, the model has yet to be launched that can not be improved with extra detailing, scratchbuilding or aftermarket accessories. So, when I heard Pavla were launching some detail sets aimed directly at the Airfix kit, I was keen to review them. Therefore, this review covers all 3 of their new sets and I will examine each in turn.

C72105: Replacement Cockpit (£7.99)


The standard Airfix cockpit is not that bad but this detail set is really "just what the doctor ordered". It is well cast in 5 pieces with a remarkable amount of detail giving the small size of the pieces. The Martin Baker seat, visible on the right of the photo is as good a seat as I have ever seen in 1/72nd scale. A small amount of resin flash is visible on the edge of the instrument panel – this will clean off easily in a few seconds with scalpel and file use. I would say that for a serious Harrier modeller, this set is a must, not only for its quality but its high degree of accuracy as well.

U72-131: Wing Flaps and Ailerons (£3.20)


The second set gives pairs of replacement wing flaps and ailerons for the kit. They are slightly finer and show some more detail than the kit items, but not markedly so. They are good, but would not consider them essential for the Harrier modeller; they will enhance the kit, however, to a small degree.

U72-132: Rear Tail Fairing and Zeus ECM System (£2.30)


These two pieces, on the other hand, are much more noteworthy. Both are delightful little extras that will look really good on your kit. Again, the standard of moulding is very good; that of the tail fairing again makes you gasp. At such a low price, this is another set that the Harrier modeller should seriously consider adding to their basic kit.

Having seen these sets, the main thing that strikes me is the combination that Pavla manage to strike between quality and price. For the money, these are some of the best detail sets I have yet to review on our site. With other sets on their way for review, I can only hope that they match the standard that these 3 items have set.

So What Do We Think?
3 good quality, inexpensive 1/72 detail sets that will enhance your Airfix Harrier really well. The cockpit set in particular is extremely well done and should be a purchase for every serious 1/72 Harrier modeller.

Excellent value

Our thanks to Pavla for the review samples.

Robin Jenkins.