1/35 M1151 HMMWV Weighted Wheels from E.T. Model

1/35 M1151 HMMWV Weighted Wheels
E.T. Model
ER3-026 for Academy kit #13415
$18.99 from LuckyModel



E.T. Model of China make a wide variety of accessories and upgrades for armour kits in 1/35 scale. Their range is already quite extensive, and includes resin details as well as photo-etch sets, and covers Modern vehicles as well as WWII armour and trains - you can view their full line up here. Today we have a set of resin wheels for the M1151 HMMWV – or Humvee as it is more commonly known.

IMG 5268

1/35 M1151 HMMWV Weighted Road Wheels

These resin wheels are a replacement set for the Academy kit #13415, which have injection moulded hubs and separate rubber / vinyl tyres which, to many modellers, are not ideal.

IMG 5270

The set contains five wheels – four road and one spare, a small photo-etc fret and a one page instruction sheet.

IMG 5272

The wheels are not handed as such, but rather slightly different for front and back. This is because the rear ones are designed to have small towing eyes attached to the centre of the hub – to facilitate easier extrication should the vehicle become stuck. The eyes are made up of two photo-etch (PE) pieces, and 0.8mm gauge styrene rod (not supplied).

IMG 5273

IMG 5281
Rear wheel on left, with blank hub where photo-etch towing eye is fixed

The wheels are moulded so that the do not require drilling out to fit on to the kit axles; the spare one also mates with the kit part in this way and looks rather different from reverse so there will be no mixing them up.

IMG 5274
The spare wheel

IMG 5275

The moulding is first class, and the detail very sharp. The tread pattern is a very good match and if anything the 'Goodyear' and 'Wrangler' letters are almost too detailed and proud compared to the real thing. But...

IMG 5278
The tread pattern is very good – very close match to the real thing (see below)

Picture courtesy of HMMWV In Scale

In comparing the ET Model wheels to pictures of the real thing, it looks to me as if the hubs are just set way too deep relative to the side wall of the tyre. Yes, the real wheel hubs are set in somewhat, but not to the degree that ET Model depict them. I have double checked this with Brent Sauer of the HMMWV In Scale website, and he concurs with me. As an aside, if you want to know pretty much anything Humvee, his site is the place to go.

IMG 5282
Hub is just too deep set – exactly like the mistake in the kit wheels as far as I can tell

See how the bolts sit almost level with the tyre wall? Picture courtesy of HMMWV In Scale

Further research of completed kits leads me to believe that ET Model have just copied the kit wheels – as these too look to have this same defect. This is a real shame as otherwise they are excellent reproductions of the Wrangler MT/R tyres seen fitted to the M1151 but, unfortunately, wrong is wrong.


The bolts on the ET Model wheels are roughly the right length, but are still set way back because of the error in the hub depth. What a shame.[ET Model]

So What Do We Think?
Unfortunately I cannot recommend these wheels. They look beautiful, and if you want a better reproduction of what is in the kit, then yes they will work. But as a correction for the kit wheels whose hubs are set too far in from the tyre side wall, they fall short I am afraid.

These wheels do not correct the incorrect shape of the kit hubs.

With thanks to E.T. Model for the review sample.

Also thanks to Brent Sauer of HMMWV In Scale for his technical assistance.

Nicholas Mayhew

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