1:48 Propeller & Cowling sets from True Details

1:48 Propeller & Cowling sets
For GWH P-61A Black Widow
True Details/Squadron
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The most obvious errors on Great Wall Hobby's recent P-61A Black Widow, reviewed here, were the cowl shape and the single piece propeller/spinner assemblies. I think this might even have been pointed out online by modellers when the initial CAD images were released. Luckily for us that have this kit, or wish to buy it, Squadron Products have released TWO sets to correct these issues, under their 'True Details' brand.

The items we have been sent are:

  • 48547, P-61 A/B Propeller Set ($9.99USD)
  • 48548, P-61 A/B Propeller & Cowling Set ($14.99USD)

P-61A/B Propeller Set


This item is described as being of use for both the new Great Wall Hobby kit, and the older Revell-Monogram release. Sure, there's no reason why it shouldn't fit both kits. After all, the ancient Monogram kit is still regarded highly in modelling circles. Packaged in a card backed, blister packet, and protected from the rear by a foam pad, this set consists of both the Curtiss Electric propeller blades and the spinners. Produced in grey resin, two casting blocks contain 4 propeller blades each, and the spinners are cast onto their own block. Casting is excellent, and removal of the blocks should present no worries. Very little, or indeed any, clean-up will be required of the parts themselves. The cuffed prop blades look correct with my reference, as do the spinners. The prop blade entry points on the spinners are very clean and the internal sleeve does indeed look separate to the spinner.



A very easy, yet effective upgrade set.

P-61A/B Propeller & Cowling Set


Now, why would there be two sets released? Well this set contains those cowls and other internal parts which, as far as I know, aren't an issue with the old Monogram release, so this set is more aimed at the owner of the Great Wall Hobby kit, and is described as such on the packet. For fear of repeating myself, the prop and spinner parts are identical to the previous set, so we'll look at the other components supplied with this release.

The cowl shape on the GWH kit suffers from an incorrect opening at the front, as well as the profile at this point. This set corrects this by totally replacing each cowling, minus the radiator flap ring, which you must still use from the kit. The quality of the casting is excellent, but the casting block is at the front, obscuring the entry point. You'll need to take this down carefully so you don't damage the ring. Patience is the key here.






Also included are two extended reduction gear fairings. To fit these, you will need to trim a little of the plastic back on the adjacent kit part. This is clearly shown on the small instruction sheet. The magnetos seem to be missing from the GWH kit, but thankfully, this set has included some resin ones. The casting block on the reduction gear fairing is quite small and will be easy to remove. The remainder of the components, including the magnetos and other small parts are cast over 2 separate blocks. Removal will be simple, and clean-up minimal. The detail on the extra parts within this set is crisp and looks excellent. The fairings have good, positive location places for the parts which should be attached.

So what do we think?
This set really does mean there is no excuse for even the most picky of modellers NOT to build the excellent GWH kit. Eduard will soon be releasing a number of detail sets for the kit also, so with this in mind, pick yourself one of these sets up; preferably the larger set which although is a few dollars extra, represents far better value for money than the prop/spinner set, unless of course you're still persevering with a Monogram kit!

Very highly recommended.

Our sincere thanks to Squadron Products for the review samples used here. To purchase directly, click THIS link.

James H